Wallpaper Product Quality

Our expertise in digital print ensures superb image reproduction on the finest wallpaper materials, all carefully selected and considered ideal for application in care homes.

You may choose to have your mural printed either onto one of our traditional ‘paste the wall’ wallpapers or onto self-adhesive material - whichever type best suits your application. All our wallpapers are robust, resistant to tear and wipeable. Our laminated wallpapers and prints are washable.

All our wallpapers and prints are suitable for installation in-house or by your local decorator.  Of course, we can also arrange installation for you if you prefer.

All the materials and inks we use meet standards intended for safe application of our wallpapers and prints in both commercial and domestic environments globally. Detailed product information, including fire rating data, is available on request.

Please call us for more information about the print materials we use.