Art & Dementia

Friday, 28 July 2017  |  Admin

Over the last 20 years, there has been an increasing use of the arts in healthcare. The outcome? A range of health benefits for patients that may include a reduction in heart rate and blood pressure, a reduction in the perception of pain and may even reduce their hospital stay.


It has also been found to improve communication skills, behaviour and self esteem for patients with mental health problems, according to a review of research findings for the Arts Council England.


Many professionals will take one of three prominent approaches: Observing and then discussing art work; creating works of art; and observing, discussing and then creating art work. Each approach draws upon enjoyment and being ‘in the moment’ to make social connections.


The relevant question for us is ‘Can art make a significant difference for people with dementia?’ And the evident answer is yes.


Carers and their patients with dementia, involved in an 8-week viewing programme that  included both creating and observing art, reported on a number of benefits such as an improved quality of life, feeling more socially included and demonstrating enhanced cognitive capacities.


The evidence suggests that art can significantly help those with dementia, and our murals are designed to do just this.

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